Advanced Blackjack Tips: Part One

Here, we’ll travel a fairly specialized road.  Most blackjack players are familiar with basic blackjack strategy, at least enough to get by in a game.   In fact, I’ve personally known the same basic blackjack rules since I was in middle school.

Hey, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing necessarily wrong with just getting by in life sometimes.  When it comes to blackjack though – a casino game that already has strong odds that favor players – it’s really worth learning some advanced blackjack tips that can push your game into a higher stratosphere which guarantees even better returns.  To master your game – and if you have even the most rudimentary card-counting knowledge of tracking the number of 10 value cards in a deck, simply read our two-parter.

Advanced Blackjack Tip #1:  Insurance

If a dealer shows an upcard of an Ace, your first knee-jerk reaction might be to avoid taking insurance.  I mean, come on, you’re bound to lose the round, right? 

Actually no, that’s not always the case – and there are exceptions to be made.

If you know that the deck is top heavy with lots of 10-valued cards in it, it’s actually a good time to take out that policy.  If the count yields +4, you should take insurance.

Advanced Blackjack Tip #2:  Taking a Stand on 16.

Even basic players know that you should hit when you’re faced with a total of 16 if the dealer shows anything higher than a six (i.e. 7 to an Ace.).   These aren’t your basic tips, though.  If, however, your count is positive even by 1, it’s time to change your strategy against a dealer’s 10 card   Again, don’t hit if you’re showing 16 against a dealer’s 10 upcard if your count yields +1 or higher.

This is just the beginning of our two-parter series of advanced tips.  For even more advanced blackjack tips that’ll better your game, just click here!

In our continuing series, here are even more advanced blackjack tips that’ll better your game and your bankroll.
Advanced Blackjack Tip #3: Taking a Stand on 15
Similar to Advanced Blackjack Tip #2, you should think again before you hit in a panic if you have 15 and the dealer has an upcard of 10. It’s card counting to the rescue – if you have a count that’s +4 or higher, and you have 15, the best thing to do is to actually stand against a 10 upcard.

Advanced Blackjack Tip #4: Split 10s

There are key circumstances that might occur when it’s actually a wise move to split your 10s. To be clear, if a dealer shows a 6. When he / she does, the dealer’s already in a bad spot, so it’s time to exploit that position if your count is +5 or higher.

We will continue to discuss this topic further on the next page.

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