Advanced Blackjack Tips: Part Two

Once again, you should split 10s against a dealer’s upcard of 6 when the count yields +5 or more.

Advanced Blackjack Tip #5

Consider splitting 10s when faced with a dealer’s upcard of 5!  Second cousin to Advanced Blackjack Tip , this is the more aggressive version and should only be attempted under specific circumstances.  It’s an unusual move, which makes it all the more satisfying when it works.  Keep in mind that you need a high abundance of 10-valued cards left in the deck before you attempt it though.

How many 10s?  Well, we’d suggest a minimum of +6 to yield measurable returns in the long run.  Blackjack is very much a game based on statistics and probability.  What your banking on here is that a dealer will bust.

Again, consider splitting 10s against a dealer’s upcard of 5 if the count is +6 or greater.

Hopefully, these five-in-total, advanced blackjack tips will give you something to chew on.  We urge you to try them out – but make sure to work your way up the last one!

I know that once I took some time to learn a few simple tricks my play shot through the roof because I started to win. This was simply because I began to understand the best possible choices for me to make and how best to handle certain situations. Without this very basic knowledge (at least) it is like the blind leading the blind out there people. Eventually everyone is going to get run over! It was great to have that little bump in success but when that happened it caused me to look further into some other ways I might increase the odds that I find success on the card table and discovered a plethora of ideas. Once I had spent some time reading up on these theories and thinking about the vast possibilities that await should I be able to unlock the secret, I started practicing on implementing them into my daily routine.

It wasn’t easy at first. I’m not going to fool around and say that it was a piece of cake (That actually sounds very good to me right now, have not eaten all day) at all. I will tell you that with a little practice I had a system figured out that I was able to begin using in a very short period of time. I am just one man and when this happened my winnings dramatically increased again. I was spending more and more time at the table. The best part is the more you practice (by playing) the better you get.

If there is one thing I will stress, anybody that enjoys playing blackjack should look into this stuff immediately. That’s all there is to it.

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