Blackjack Trainer

There’s a diverse number of tools and strategies that a blackjack player can use to better their game. Here, we’ll talk about one in particular: the blackjack trainer.

First of all, blackjack is all about strategy. Considering that it’s a game that’s literally build on concepts of statistics and probability, there are specific ways to break it down into plays that are bound to be profitable – statistically-speaking – in the long run. Blackjack is an online casino game that gives players some of the best odds of winning which is why the notion of “perfect strategy” even comes into play when it comes to blackjack.

I mean, have you ever heard of perfect craps or perfect poker? I thought not.

In addition to perfect blackjack strategy cards and charts, a player can use a blackjack trainer which thrusts him / her into a simulated game, where the player can apply blackjack techniques. It’s one step above a strategy card, and one step below winning that round.

A blackjack trainer is software that emulates a round of blackjack. A players hand is revealed, along with a dealer’s upcard. Based on the cards dealt, the programs allows the player to choose what he or she believes is the best move to make. If a player gets it right, great. Things get interesting when a player gets it wrong. The blackjack trainer will alert the player that their move wasn’t right, and which move the player should have made. The best blackjack trainers out there will – more importantly – break down why the correct move is the right one to have made.

Below is a quick succession of screenshots that illustrate a blackjack trainer in action. In the first two screenshots, we’re dealt two different hands and given two different play options – and the right moves should be obvious to basic blackjack players. The third screenshot details what happens if we make the wrong choice, and illustrates the kind of useful information that a blackjack trainer can lend to players:




Yet another useful tool that players can use to master perfect blackjack. All you have to do is practice your game with a perfect strategy card, apply those perfect moves using a blackjack trainer, then go live at your favorite online casino (we recommend Golden Casino and Silver Oak Casino, by the way) where you can play free blackjack games for added practice play before you begin to shell out the green stuff.

If you are as passionate about playing blackjack as I am, no doubt you’ve wondered about the online choices for blackjack. Certainly, online casino blackjack is the way to go when you just don’t feel like making the trip to Vegas, or Atlantic City, or the Riviera. There are no shortage of online casinos, either — possibly too many, some of which appear indistinguishable, or at least equally attractive.

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