Listen, I understand the love and joy involved when playing one of your favorite gamers. It is not out of the realm of regular behavior for a person to become agitated or even upset while playing blackjack… I have run across this type of behavior from time to time but it is usually a one way pass to getting kicked out of the game or casino or both. There is also the very real possibility that might not be let back in depending upon the severity of the infraction yo committed. These facts are enough to keep the average player in check for the most part. You still may get some gruff behavior and a rude comment from time to time but the really bad behavior is reserved for the rare occasion.

I have witnessed a fit or two of this obscene and uncalled for behavior a few times before. It is always right before the person involve leaves the table. That is for one of a couple very good reasons. First, they have probably just lost all of their money playing a game. That’s very frustrating and it’s also a position that nobody, anywhere, ever should put themselves into… It is a shame that these people choose to spend every last penny on this habit because there are most likely people at home who are suffering the result of this type of persons action. Second, (and more often than not) the person involved leaves the table when they get loud, even if the have money left and fully intend to play more, because they have been so offensive that security is now involved. This does not end well at all for the person involved.

Let me tell you about one such event that really stuck with me. Even after all of these years, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was just spending a little of my spare time playing one of my favorite games. I never get too carried away while I play. As a matter of fact I rarely even drink the free alcoholic beverages that the casino so generously offers to players. When I saw this I could not believe my eyes…

It was obvious to everyone at the table that one of the players, a man in his 30’s I would say, was becoming very upset with the outcome of cards he was being dealt. He had reached into his pockets several times to buy more chips. Every time he seemed to have a slightly more offensive racial remark towards the dealer because she was oriental. It seems to be that the man thought she had some unfair advantage because she was from a different part of the world than him. When he reached into his pocket the last time and realized he was out of money, he started screaming at her. He was swearing and being obscene. Security tackled him and dragged him off. I hope they threw him out on his ear and never let him back in again…

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