I was bored when I moved to Vegas. I spent a lot of time here before I really got to know too many people. I have a pretty good job so I did not mind going to the Casino. I did it on a regular basis. I used to go there pretty much every single day. It could be said that I’ve spent a small fortune at the casino… I spent that much time there because they have everything you might need at a casino. There is food a plenty, entertainment (both gaming and otherwise), cigarettes, There is even a place to lay down your head in the hotel if you need to get a room.

Casinos pride themselves on having all the amenities you may find yourself needing because they like you to stay there as long as possible. There have even been unfounded rumors that some casinos have pumped oxygen in to the air conditioning ducts in order to keep their guests from getting tired. I do not know if this is true but I can say with some certainty that casinos love it when you partake in the alcohol. Every Casino in Las Vegas offers absolutely free alcohol to gamblers.

There are many reasons that these casinos offer their guests all of this free alcohol. First & foremost (I would have to guess) it is because people like to drink & to have a good time in Vegas while they are on vacation. I will be the first to agree with that statement but (I would guess) that is not the only reason for the alcohol to flow so freely in Las Vegas. You see the reason people like to drink is that is helps to round out the edges on their inhibitions. That is all fine and good when we are talking about meeting new people and trying out new things but when we talk about the inhibitions falling when it comes to spending money on gaming we may hit the nail on the head.

You see when you have a drink or two you have the tendency to loosen up a bit & when it comes to your wallet the casino really wants you to loosen up a lot… If you go into a Casino in Vegas and sit down literally anywhere that you can gamble, it will not take very long at all for a cocktail waitress to locate you, inquire as to your drink of choice, then in the blink of an eye you will be sipping on your favorite concoction. Little will you notice that your bets will go up & be more regular too… To you it will al be justified as a little bit of fun but for all too many people the fun has been known to go too far.