I know you are here because you love blackjack. But if you have ever explored online slots before, this review will be particularly relevant. If you have never played online slots before, you should. For both newbies and stalwarts, should be your first stop.

Brand new on the online slot scene is an online meeting place where slot lovers enthusiasts can hook up and play (or learn about) slots.’s inviting motto is “Make Friends / Win Big” and you can actually do both of those things here.

Features’s mission is clear – to bridge a gap between slots players, while providing comprehensive coverage on all things slots. Filled to the brim with community – based features, such as polls, message boards and the like, manages to bring a personal touch to online slot playing. Clearly, loves the game, and obviously respects its players: not only does the site bring people together, it also covers every aspect of slots playing and slots-related news: at a glance, visitors will find a listing of recent slot winners, new slots coverage, and recent bonuses that players can tap into at various online casinos. And that is just at a glance – there is more the deeper you delve.

By signing up at, not only will you get all information you’ll need to make the best, informed decisions in terms of what and where to play, you’ll also be able to take advantage of this site is unique community.


One look at’s site, and you will appreciate its interface’s clean, crisp and fun approach. A generation that is branched into Facebook and Twitter will especially love the look, not to mention the plethora of interactive features that you will find at The visually – pleasing interface is simple and easy to use, all while providing users with a wealth of unbiased slots – related information.

Summary does not pander to simply parroting stale slots news. The resolution quality found in their sterling slots screenshots only tells half the story – put an equal emphasis on the quality of their information.

Interactive, informative, and fun are just a few more standard ways to describe Another would be to use other words such as “ground – breaking” and “unique”, which are not – in this case – simply idle words.

In our opinion here, there are not a lot of better places to spend your time or money. We know both are valuable to you. We would not lead you astray because just like you are interested in finding just the right site. It is not because we want to let you know about it, well maybe that too… But seriously it is because we want to use it to play…

Rating: 4.5/5

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