Time and a Half

When I started playing blackjack the rules were much different than they are now. Several rules have changed through years but not many were more noticeable than when the blackjack pay out went from Time and a Half down to a scant 6 to 5 pay out. This is a large difference when you think about it & it made many people that gamble professionally totally reconsider this game as a viable option. You see every gambler has their own preferred game (or games) of chance. Sometimes they may step outside of their norm and try something new… They might even become nostalgic and go back to an old favorite.

I have spent some time in the company of gamblers. I have taken the opportunity to ask them a few questions so I have a basic understanding of how many of them think. They are creatures of habit for the most part. You may think that their chosen profession indicates the opposite because of the random nature of gambling itself but you would be mistaken… Many of them would prefer to get a system down then just use it to make money for as long as it is hot. Sometimes they will find another game they can make more money from their efforts by playing. These people like to take all of the guess work out of their day to day lives. They focus their attention to exactly where it will do the most good.

From all of my lessons from these people I learned that when you take the payout for a blackjack down from 7.5 to 5 all the way to 6 to 5, it takes the profit out of the game. It would seem that these casinos are not happy to have the advantage alone, they need to outright take people for their money without any chance for them to succeed. In this day and age if you even appear to know what you are doing at the table they can accuse you of counting cards and kick you out of their property. Not only will they black list you from their property but they will also contact every other casino to suggest that they put you on their list too… All this, for what? Because you don’t play like a complete and utter moron. Anybody with half a brain can tell when there are a lot of low cards all played in a very short period of time. Likewise, if every Ace, King, Queen Jack & Ten rolls out of the deck in a matter of a few hands then is easy to see that there might not be a lot left to hope for.

After all that they take away the small bonus they used to give for a natural 21. What a joke. Luckily, They don’t do that at online casinos…